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After you install the add-in, you will have new Category in Excel's Native "Insert Function" dialog box. Most Custom Functions are grouped together. That is, B_ =Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) Function C_ =Color Function D_ =Date Function, L_ =Lookup Function. S_ =String (Text) Function.

PRE200* means the lowest version the custom function will work on. Please note, that the SpellDollarVal is NOT written by Ozgrid. It was written by Microsoft.

Two Column Lookup to Find N'th Occurrence:

Sum Every Nth

Sum The X Smallest/Largest Numbers In Row or Columm

Sum by Color-Count by Color

Sum Excel Ranges Diagonally

Sum Excel Range Meeting Up To 5 Conditions

A Single Function That Will SUM or COUNT Cells By Their Fill Color

Count Words

Count or Sum Specified Number In Cell Housing Many Numbers

Extract Numbers from Text Strings

List/Return Difference Between 2 Cells Containing Comma Separated Strings

Sort by Color

Workbook Name in Cell

VLOOKUP Across Multiple Sheet

Extract Last Word

Non Repeating Random Numbers

Get Cell Comment Text Into Cell

Interior Cell Color by Index or Name

Reverse Cell Content

Get Highest Number Between Nominated Range

Microsofts Convert a Numeric Value into English Words

Microsofts Convert a Currency or Value into English Words

Get Hyperlink Address

Does Cell Have a Formula

2 Functions To Determine Excel Calculation Status & Mode

Extract File Name from Full Path Name

Does an Excel Workbook Exists or Not?

Extract nth Word From Text in Excel

How Many Specified Days in a Month

Determine nth Weekday of a Specified Date

Calculate Sliding Scale Tax

Display AutoFilter Criteria

Return Date of Last Chosen Day of Given Month

Return Date of the First, or nth Day of Month

Count One Instance of Each Entry

Lookup any occurrence from any column and offset left or right

The Ultimate Excel Lookup Function This Custom Function will look in any column, unless specified, for the nth occurrence of the specified value and return the corresponding value x rows above or below the found value to the left or right.

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