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Software::Web Authoring::Web Design Utilities

This plugin enables you to load articles right in place where your readmore buttons and links are. So if you are in a Category Blog view, your users can quickely see the whole articles without reloading a the whole new page. It's also possible to enable the option to also load articles in the Catergory List view. You can also make your own readmore buttons. If, for example, you put this code in a module:

This text stays

This text will be replaced

This text will be replaced also

Make sure that your link is a local link starting with a "/". External links are not allowed for security reasons! An example you can see in the module on the right loading this article in that module. The category Blog and List examples you can select from to top menu. You can download this plugin for only $10 with 6 months of free updates!

Price free to try,$10.00 to buy

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