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The database: The genus Cryptocephalus (Chrysomelidae) of Palearctic region.

The database includes a complete review and key (to the subspecies rank) of all Palearctic species (398) of one of the largest genera of the leaf-beetles (family Chrysomelidae). Complete taxonomic information includes date about all described subspecies and all synonyms. The key is illustrated by 918 figures and schemes.
ISBN: 985-90000-2-6

Igor K. Lopatin
Professor of Department of Zoology of Byelorussian State University, Doctor of Science
- treated a systematic, synonymy, faunistic of the group, researched and studied date about members of the genus, developed of basis dichotomous key, related the references, and created some drawing-figures of the edeagus.

Kirill E. Dovgailo
Founder and project manager of "Lysandra"
- related the date about the species, developed of the polyhotomous key, as well as created all photo images of the beetles, the key figures and images; translated a text in the key.

Worked with the database also:
Andrew Frolov - translated of text from the rubric,
Helen O. Savko - edited of English text in the key,
Irene E. Savkina - typed and entered text,
Eugene O. Yurchenko - prepared some photo-images.

Most of photos were created on the basis of a personal collections of I.K. Lopatin. The authors acknowledge Dr. A. Warchalowski for allowing access to some specimens from his collection and thank the scientists from the publications of which we got the photos and figures.
The work includes the photos from the publications following authors: H.Takizawa - 2, M. Schoeller - 1, A. Warchalowski -1,
also we use the figures from the publications following authors: H.Takizawa 4, E. Petitpierre - 2, N. Berti & M. Rapilly -5, J.C. Bourdonne -2, Yu.E. Mikhailov 1.

The database is a scientific publication. When using its textual date with scientific purpose, the reference its binding: "I.K. Lopatin, K.E. Dovgailo. The genus Cryptocephalus (Chrysomelidae) of Palearctic region. Key and database on the basis of software "Lysandra". Minsk, 2002".

Lysandra software - a taxonomic identification software for creating databases for groups of living organisms.
The authors of the software:
Andrei A. Osipau - a leader of programming, development of the database, programming the Lysandra,
Alexey M. Shumeiko - programming of the interface,
Kirill E. Dovgailo - idea, scenario, interface design, Help.

(c) 2002-2011, K.E. Dovgailo, the software "Lysandra", database, all digital date and digital images.

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