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This Digital Download upgrade is only for existing LunarPhase Pro Version 1 users. The software will not work without a V1.xx verison of LunarPhase Pro having been installed from an original CD or Digital Download.

These are the main features added into the Version 2 upgrade:

* The Moon's correct orientation as seen in the sky is now displayed * Label only those features along the terminator for easy identification * Find out if the Moon interferes during meteor showers * Graphic display of positions of rising and setting Sun * Tells you what constellation the Moon is in for the selected time and date * LunarPhase Pro now contains 9,264 named features.

* Record any observations related to a selected feature and link images

* Find future dates when a feature will be under the same illumination

* Emulate viewing the Moon through different Telescope/Eyepiece Combinations

* View Rukl Charts on the Moon map

* Contains lists of features for each Rukl Chart

* To help you oserve the Moon, many features already have observation notes

* Five new Moon map textures - 3 mineral, 1 gravity and a Clementine Near Infra-Red

* Enter details of any properties or land plots you've bought on the Moon

* View positions of your properties and link to satellite images of the area

Please note that the software will not work on Win 95.

Price free to try,$16.95 to buy

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