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PPTX to EXE Converter Enterprise is an application that will help you to convert PPTX created by PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 into professional strongly protected sildeshow EXE files. The EXE files can be copied to any computer and will run on Windows 7; Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-Bit x86); Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 editions; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista Service Pack 1; Windows Vista Service Pack 2; Windows XP Service Pack 3. PPTX to EXE Converter Enterprise output EXE use MS PowerPoint Viewer 2010 to display PPTX presentations. That is to say the effect of converted exe display PPTX is exactly the same as the original PowerPoint PPTX file. PPT to EXE Convert Enterprise can perfectly protect the PPT file from editing, copying or printing. By using PPTX to EXE Converter Enterprise , the original PPT file is strongly encrypted. The output EXE get the PPT through memory stream, your users can not get it in their computer hard disks. Your end users can only view the presentation, but cannot edit, copy or print the presentation. By using PPTX to EXE Converter Enterprise, you can define your own exe license copyright protect. When the output exe is run for the first time, a dialog box will popup. The dialog box will display the machine ID of the user's computer. The user can send his/her own machine ID to you, and you can create a Registration Key based on the user's machine ID. The user can use this Registration Key to open presentation on his/her computer. The Registration Key is created based on the user's computer machine ID which is different in different computer, the user will not be able to share the Registration Key with other users, the user will not be able to re-distribute your files.

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