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NoteCard will turn you into a fluent note-reader. Work with the program for even a few brief sessions and you will find your ability to recognize and name the musical notes increasing steadily and without strain. The ultimate goal is not just recognition, but mastery: to know each note at sight without conscious effort or the risk of error, just as you are able to recognize the letters of the alphabet now. We believe there are important payoffs to mastering this vital skill early in one's musical development. One of the biggest is getting rid of an annoying distraction: the need to laboriously decipher notation when you are trying at the same time both to cope with technical challenges and to express musical feelings. In addition, a secure grasp of note-reading builds confidence, encourages sight-reading, and helps make the most of other investments in music, such as lessons. The NoteCard software embodies both a Free Version and a Paid Version. Of course the Paid Version has some extra features, but both versions give you the core NoteCard benefit of fast, focused learning within an attractive and efficient Windows application. The Free Version of NoteCard has just the essentials, but is fully capable taking you all the way to being a skilled note-reader. Its features include: * Highly-focused, fun, note-reading drill. * Develop instant recognition of musical notes. * Learn notes on piano, guitar, other instruments. * Easy introduction of notes over multiple "levels". * Choose any clef - treble, bass, alto or tenor. The Paid Version of NoteCard has all that, PLUS: * Audio playback of notes to help lock memory. * Optional practice with sharps and flats. * Individual practice records for up to three users. * Progress analysis that keeps you motivated, on track. * Adaptive testing algorithm cuts learning time even further. NoteCard is the first in the Ahead With Music line of music education products from

Your License Code: A License Code will be sent to you by email shortly after your payment is approved. If you have already downloaded and installed NoteCard, the code is all you need to permanently enable all the features of the software. Simply enter your name and paste the code into the spaces provided the next time you run NoteCard.

Downloading: If you have yet to download and install NoteCard, a download link will be provided upon completing your order, or you can use the prominent `Download Now? links on NoteCard currently supports computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista or later.

Price free to try,$19.75 to buy

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