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Surf The Web The Way It Was Intended To Be. Without being harassed by annoying pop up windows. Get rid of mini flash windows. End the bombardment of advertising.

Stop being hi-jacked by web marketing. Works With Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL and All Other Browsers. Works with all Versions of Windows. Stop annoying Pop Ups Forever!

End these annoying popups for good with Zap Pop-Ups 2.0! This little program watches your web browser to prevent any of those annoying Pop-Up Ads from popping up!

This wonderful program watches your web browser to prevent "specific" pop ups from popping up (for Internet Explorer 5 and 6).

Zap Pop-Ups 2.0 sets us apart from the other Pop Up Blockers on the market. Zap Pop-Ups 2.0 is virtually the only Pop Up Blocking product to offer a Messenger Service Pop Up Blocker. (20% of pop up problems are "messenger service" pop up related)

Most of these pop-ups are the result of a JavaScript running on a website that automatically opens a new window with advertising. How it Works? Jun 11, 2006 by Laoreet

Zap Pop-Ups 2.0 watches the work of your web browser and when it identifies a pop up window it makes in invisible to you and closes. Once in a while you may see a window flash open and close really fast. You can look at Pop-Up Zapper's counter on its Dock icon to see that it is working.

If you want to allow popups from any site simply hold down the Ctrl key to have a popup window added to the Allowed Windows list. Easyly Customize a list of pages to allow or block. Choose and optional beep to notify you of when an ad is blocked. Runs hidden in the background & can Start with Windows.

Now Popup Zapper Comes Complete with Master Resell Rights which means not only can you stop those annoying popups foreve, but you can resell this program and keep All the profits... Turnkey website included!

Do away with annoying pop up ads that hog your bandwidth, delay your page loads, and simply get in the way.

Price free to try,$10.00 to buy

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