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If you have your own your website or intend to build a website. I'd like to alert you that one of the quickest, easiest and most profitable ways to monetize your website is to use the FREE service known as Google Adsense.

Have you ever heard the news about how some guys are about to earn thousands of dollars from google adsense every month from their website.

And do you know that setting up your Google Adsense earning is as simple as A-B-C.

"oh sure, I had heard about Adsense before but the earnings are pathetic".

Of course you had heard of this but unless you are hiding under a rock, you will know that it's all the'Rage" right now.

Here's why...

1) It's the perfect home business
Once you set up your first system, you can create unlimited sites that pays you multiple streams of Adsense income every month.

2) It's a 'set up and forget' earning system
It's true these hands-free autopilot 'money machines' are ones that you create and walk away from, without the hassle of maintaining or updating them.

3) You get automatic visitors and customers
you don't even have to market your Adsense Earning sites at all because they simply market themselves- amazing bit true. If you are lazy to set up your own website, go and sign up for a blog. Its one of the easiest way to get traffic right now.

4) You get to dominate niche markets without knowing a thing about them
This is absolutely insane. This is perhaps the only system that allows the average person to quickly enter and profit from a new niche everyday without knowing a hoot about it. All you literally do is to identify profitable niches, select some keywords and push some's truly the 'laziest way to riches'.

Now while MANY are already making a huge fortune from AdSense, not everyone will be privy to this goldmine unless...

You know how to maximize your your AdSense earnings.

In order to create a giant full time income, you need:

1) the right ad format and placement
2) the most valuable keywords to target
3) you must tell them what to do, instead of waiting for them to click on your ads
AdSense has been a boon to hundreds of thousands of webmasters, but only an elite few are tapping the HUGE income potential of the AdSense profit program ... it's time for you to join that group!

Targetted ads with high per-click payouts mean cash in the bank ... but only for those who learned the AdSense formula ... Isn't it about time YOU were one of them?

Believe it. There are some keywords that are so valuable to the advertisers that they are willing to pay $97 per click to get visitors to their website.

You could be targeting those keywords and making enormous amounts of money per click!

I've compiled a list of 2620 keywords with their maximize Cost per Click and their Average Cost per Click. This way you will have a better understanding of what people are willing to pay.

Knowing the averages is important because often the top bid is significantly higher than the bids beneath it. Knowing the average bids ensures that you target the keywords that will pay the most across the board.

It's important for me to state that the bid value of a keyword alone does not dictate your earnings. Google uses its SmartPricing technology to determine your page's value as it relates to the keywords.

But doesn't it make sense that the higher the bid the higher your potential for earnings?

This list itself is worth $99. Some selllers on ebay are selling for over 20 bucks.

So are you ready to join the special group of AdSense Elite earners now?

Price free to try,$10.00 to buy

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